SCAD’S “Walk the Chalk” art is concrete proof of worldwide talent!

Just five days ago Forsyth Park was abuzz with students from SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) creating chalk art on the sidewalks of the square. If you ever happen to be in Savannah on the Saturday this is held make a point of watching this live art show. The best part is you can photograph these works of art as they are drawn; something you can’t normally do for an art exhibition.

Students start with only chalk and concrete and work tirelessly to create works of art worthy of art galleries. Most of the time the weather cooperates and the chalk art stays for a few days so others who might be stopping by can enjoy it as well.

Past chalk art drawings give you an idea of the talent that SCAD graduates each year. However, local high school students and some alumni may participate as well. Savannah is glad to have the art festival back in 2022.

Just a few of some past chalk art at Forsyth Park. Note the number on the one. They sometimes have upwards of eight hundred participants.

Chalk Art – past art festival (Savannah, GA)


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