Phantom or real Emotions?

The Phantom is changed when he finds love.

“Did I not instruct that Box 5 was to be left empty?” ~ The Phantom of the Opera

“Softly, deftly, music shall surround you

Feel it, hear it closing in around you

Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind……” ~ The Music of the Night (verse 4)

Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Gaston Leroux/author of the novel, “The Phantom of the Opera.”

A peek inside the auditorium. There are 1979 seats. Palais Garnier is the original setting of The Phantom of the Opera.
The 7 ton chandelier
Semi-circular foyer and entry doors
A section of the Grand Foyer. Palais Garnier Opera House, Paris, France
In the Grand Foyer as well.
The Grand Escalier. Palais Garnier Opera House, Paris, France
The view out the window as you’re standing in the Grand Foyer of the Palais Garnier, Paris, France.

It’s important to know that the Opera House was built over a lake (converted to a cistern) and that’s where the Phantom takes Christine (his lair). That “lake” has a use (serves as a water reservoir) for fire fighters in Paris.

Architect of the Palais Garnier……..Charles Garnier

Located in Arrondissement 9

Sometimes we must be poisoned by emotion to write well.


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